How to Drive More YouTube Views With Pinterest By Krizia de Verdier

Do you want more people to watch your videos?

Have you thought of integrating your YouTube channel with your Pinterest account? When you combine the power of YouTube with Pinterest, you can boost your business and increase your subscribers.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to add YouTube videos to Pinterest. This is a great way to leverage the power of both of these platforms. And this tactic is easy to do and can easily be outsourced.

Here are 8 steps to add YouTube videos to Pinterest:

#1: Download Google Chrome

You can pin from any browser, but Google Chrome’s Shareaholic for Pinterest plugin makes pinning a very easy process, because you simply need to click on the red Pin button and it will automatically fetch all pertinent details from your YouTube channel.

If you’ve not yet downloaded Google Chrome on your Mac or PC, you can click on this link: Google Chrome Download.

Here’s the direct link to the free plugin: Google Chrome’s Shareaholic for Pinterest.

#2: Make Sure Your YouTube Video is Fully Optimized

You want to make sure to leverage the traffic that comes from Pinterest; therefore, you’ll want to fully optimize the YouTube title and description box before you pin your first video.

Don’t forget to start any copy you put into your YouTube description box with a URL/link back to your blog, opt-in page or offer page.

Since that link is active (clickable) and it’s the first thing that viewers see, it’s important to include it.

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